Juicing vs Blending- What’s the difference?

Juicing and blending both help increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables by producing juices and smoothies respectively. However, what are the main differences between juicing and blending?

1.       The equipment used

Juicing is done by use of a juicer. There are two types of juicers; centrifugal juicer and a masticating juicer. However, the principal in operation in both is that the juicer separates the pulp from the juice. Blending on the other hand uses a blender. Again, there are various types of blenders; the regular blender, vitamix blender and nutribullet blender. Blenders do not separate pulp from juice but rather pulverizes whatever is put into it.

2.       The process employed

Juicers have gears or/and blades that grind whatever is placed inside them. The blades squeeze the juice out of the pulp and then separate the pulp from the juice. Juicers therefore have two end products. The juice from juicers contains no fiber and is therefore easily absorbable into the bloodstream. Blenders on the other hand pulverize the ingredients but the pulp remains mixed with the juice. This produces a thicker product known as a smoothie.

3.       Preparation of ingredients

It is easier to make juice from a juicer than it is to make a smoothie. This is because blenders giver better results if the ingredients are peeled and cut into smaller pieces before blending. This does not apply to all blenders however. For juicers, it is possible to get perfect results by putting a large chunk of fruit which leaves the only preparation task of washing.

4.       Fiber content

Blended smoothies have 100% fiber content from the ingredients. This includes the soluble and insoluble fiber. For juicing however, only the soluble fiber remains since the insoluble fiber is separated as part of the pulp. The body requires both types of fiber.

The advantages and disadvantages of each method depend largely on each person. However, the juice from juicers lacks fiber and is therefore easily absorbed into the bloodstream. This implies that rapid intake of the same could cause rapid increases in blood sugar level with negative effects. Both methods are however suitable for everyday use.

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